Yoga almost-sweep to collar choke

I have been doing yoga (including partner yoga) and once or twice I’ve even done this sort of acro-yoga lift of a partner. For BJJ, I combined this movement with the idea of suspending a tomoe nage sweep in the air. Then a collar choke is sunk in while your opponent’s ability to defend is compromised. Often, you’ll just finish a sweep and complete the choke on landing.


Butterfly sweep to banana split submission

Here’s a sweep from the butterfly guard, which leads either into a flexibility-testing banana-split submission or a very pain-compliancey and top-pressurey guard-pass.  You’ll get inflexible people to tap on it if you get the right grips and angles, I assure you; you may even get people with above-average flexibility on it if you hit it right.  But, at the least, you get a sweep and a pass into side-control.

Sweeping the cobwebs, armbars and toeholds


Foot-sweep, toss foot to hand / single-leg transition, to knee on belly, to spiderweb armbar, to toe-hold.  The beginning of this video got cut off, but I am doing a foot-sweep that basically kicks the foot up to my hand for a bit of a shortcut to a single-leg grab.

From there, I’m driving the opponent down but maintaining a hold on the leg as I drive my knee down in a knee-on-belly.  Still keeping that leg, I transition to a “spider web” style armbar.

It could very well end there, but if it doesn’t: foot and leg locks open up.  Like, If the opponent yanks his arm back: I transition to a leg-knotted toe-hold with the leg I’ve been holding onto.