Can I Learn BJJ From Videos?

Settling an (Annoying) Debate.

  • “That’s a bunch of YouTube-Jitsu, it’s crap!”
  • “Oh, did you get another junky move from YouTube Sensei?”
  • “You can’t learn jiu-jitsu from videos, only from a qualified instructor!”

Sound familiar? Did your instructor say these things to you after you excitedly showed him a funky move you got from the internet? Did an upper-belt teammate say something similar? Most importantly: are they correct? Can you really not learn jiu-jitsu from the internet?

This is a question that comes up constantly, both online and in person. The fact that it still comes up is both vexing and confusing to me. However, I have to have some humility and patience about that. It is a more complicated topic than one would think, at first consideration. And my own perspective has taken over twenty years to cook and simmer.

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