How to Train Something Better than BJJ – Cross-Training

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there’s already nothing “pure” about whatever flavor of BJJ you’re training.  All any of these bodies of techniques, systems, philosophies etc. are: hybrids, bastardized arts, constantly evolving.  They all also assuredly have several points of dubious “authenticity” in their mythic lineages, just as often containing several crucial moments of cross-pollination with other surrounding (or even competing) arts.

So you’re a mutt.  Whether you like it or not.  And being a mutt is great!  Even from a genetic standpoint, if we use animal husbandry as a (terrible) analogy: cross-breeding tends to breed resiliency, whereas focused breeding “programs” usually produce exaggerated features at the expense of all kinds of other deficiencies and disadvantages.  Just look at a pug and tell me otherwise; it is designed for maximum ugly-cute effect, not much else.

Back to the direct topic at hand (cross-training), you should 100% do it.  If you have a professor or sensei that says you shouldn’t — if you’re an adult — you should probably ignore them. Yes, I said that.

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